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When was the last time you created art that made you feel alive?
I’m Don Victor,
I help serious artists bring life to their work.
we will do a 20-30 minute artwork assessment
via the phone or video chat.
 Whether you're a professional or a weekend Da Vinci’s, don't you want your art to glow with life? Whether you paint for pleasure or profit or both, don't you want your art to shine forever? Whether you do plein air or studio work, don't you want others to see the essense you see? Well that's what I do. I help artists bring life to their work so their art brings life people.
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When it comes to composition, why do so many artists feel that ...
  • they lack confidence and clarity.
  • they can't put their finger on what's missing.
  • ​they fear never knowing what Master's knew.
What if you could compose better? Would you?
Do you know where to start?
Core80 Reviews
"You really don't learn to see until you understand this ancient, secret, mysterious grid that's behind all great works of art."
"When I was challenged with what it means to interpret, read and analyze the old master; I found myself starting to read their thoughts."
 "Core80, for me, was a life changing experience. It's like visiting the mind of the masters when they were at the job."

 "You got into the artist's head! It was amazing, it was exciting. I connected to masters in a way I never have before."
 "I would recommend the challenge to artists who want to produce their art to the highest compositional standards."
 "Now for the first time I am able to read and understand the work of the old masters."
I can show you what questions to ask so you can see the Master's Composition Secrets as clear as day.
Hi, I'm Don Victor.
I teach composition so artists can communicate their visions beautifully. I've been dedicated to the science and art of composition for 30 years. In that time I have ...
  • Analyzed the compositions of 1000's of paintings.
  • Authored books on composition.
  • Lectured on composition internationally.
  • Taught composition to artists from ages 11 to 80.
  • Interviewed artists about composition.
  • Founded the Academy of Composition.
  •  Produced how-to videos on composition.
  • Invented tools that make composition easier.
How do I know what the Master's Composition Secrets are?
My greatest strength is in the art of storytelling through composition. Being singularly focused on one thing for 25 years has enabled me to master it and to teach it to others.
Here's where I found the Master's Composition Secrets.
I discovered many secrets hiding in the work of the great American Illustrators like Norman Rockwell, Howard Pyle, and N.C. Wyeth. 

If you know how to see it and what to look for, these strategies and techniques saturated the work of Master painters like John Singer Sargent, Joaquin Sorolla, and Joseph DeCamp.

Even in the paintings of the French impressionists like Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, and ClaudeMonet, we find the proof that they deliberately crafted their compositions in order to infused beauty into their paintings.

What's so mind-blowing is finding these secrets used in the ancient mosaics, architecture, and sculptures of the Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and Samarians. This tradition has been passed down from master to apprentice for over 5000 years.
This long tradition of composition is what we affectionately call the artist's heritage.
Why did artists stop learning composition and design?
Around the turn of the 20th century and during the 1960s, artists stopped being deliberately trained in aesthetic composition and intelligent design.
Ideas of evolution and abstract expressionism along with the industrial revolution deterred artists from old traditions and practices.
Later generations were told to simply "express their feelings" and "just let the art happen".

But how are artists to compose if they aren't seriously taught how to compose and design sophisticated and meaningful art?

Design is the pictorial language artists use to express what they feel and think in an intelligent, honest, and true way.

When you design your paintings intelligently and compose them beautifully, you connect with your viewers much more.

And, isn't that what artists want? To connect.
Where should you start when studying the Secret Composition of Masters?
In my experience, I've found the very best place to start is first learning to see.
  See the composition strategies and techniques behind your favorite master paintings.
  See the sequence of marks that quickly decodes a Master's composition.
  See the design so you can see the story within the painting.
Watch video
Watch how master artists use lines, spaces, and values to tell amazing stories.
Would you like to learn to compose better?

What should you focus on?
If we worked together we would focus only on composition!  Period. 
Alumni Artwork
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Donna Ayers.  usa
Onin Cruzado. philippines
debra jenkins.  usa
Bill Jordan. USA
Bill Jordan. USA
kathleen kalinowski. USA
Barbara Schilling. USA
Michele Byrne. USA
we will do a 20-30 minute artwork assessment
via the phone or video chat.
Young Artists Learning ( 11-14 yrs old )
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When you learn to see you are able to discover more about composition by decoding master artwork.
But what's even better than that, is that you get to see over and over again the few strategies and techniques used routinely by the masters to compose their paintings so beautifully. And by doing that ...
You get super good at composition yourself.
Very much like in the Karate Kid movies. When Mr. Miyagi had Daniel Son, wax the cars or paint the fence, he actually was developing Daniel's muscle memory to block a punch or deflect a kick.
In this case, as I have you decode the composition of masters you develop the muscle memory to use the repetitive strategies, techniques, and movements to compose your own paintings.
Would you like to improve your composition skills and ability to see the composition in master paintings?
Join us for the 30 Day Master's Secret Composition Challenge.
To get super good at the Master's Composition Secrets you first have to know where & how to see the secrets. 
I'm opening online access to the Master's Secret Composition Challenge.
That's right, it's online.
So no traveling, no funky hotels, no long car drives! 
The 30-Day Composition Challenge for artists ...

  • ​Complete the challenge in 30 days or less.
  • ​Gain the confidence and clarity to compose better.
  • Access all the Core80 videos, drills, and examples to help you see how Master's compose. 
  • In the longer videos, you see students demo the strategies and techniques. You see them struggle, ask questions, and overcome those struggles. This helps you win as you can see how others overcome similar issues.
  • In the shorter videos, you can review the "How To" if you're ever unsure about a strategy or technique. 
  • See 15 different ways to decode a painting.
  •  All 15 ways work together, repeatedly proving the deliberate intent of the Master painter.
  • Do it from the comfort of your home studio.
Free Art Assessment with Don Victor
we will do a 20-30 minute artwork assessment
via the phone or video chat.
Don Victor Feedback Sessions are available also.
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